Courses and Fees

Of course we are always ready to accept a new student, but please bare in mind that from January to May business gets very busy with worried students and parents. We should be able to accept you as a student but during these months but we will operate a first come first serve basis.

Individual Lessons – £15 per hour

If you would like to pay for each lesson separately then we charge £15 per hour and recommend that a student spends 2 hours in one sitting. This provides the appropriate amount of time to cover a past paper and reflect on it, or deliver a lesson and go through examples.

Online Lessons – £10 per hour

If lessons online in the comfort of your own home is what you’re looking for we can give lessons over Skype, a microphone and webcam would be extremely beneficial for the student but not required.

Spend and Save Courses

Year Long Course (Sep – Apr) – £700 at home – £500 online

This includes a two hour lesson every week, covering everything that the student will be learning over the course of the year. This is designed to get the student into a position where nerves are no longer a problem in the exams and they can perform to their potential,  grasping the best result they can achieve.

Exam Preparation (Jan – Apr) – £400 at home – £300 online

This course takes place from the second week in January to the final week in April, in total there are 16 two hour lessons over 16 weeks. The lessons can be over any weekday evening, allowing you to keep a routine in your week. The course works out to be just under £13 per hour which is a big save if you were to book the lessons individually.

Autumn Course (July – Sep) – £250 at home – £200 online

This course takes place from mid July to mid September and can be designed to two different types of students. Delivery of the course to a Student who has had disappointing first year results, and use this time to plan and prepare the year ahead. Giving them the best possible chance of getting to where they want to be after their exams. Or deliver this course to a student who has had no problem with their results but wants to get ahead of steam which is always a great bonus. When their classmates are learning the material for the first time, you will start revising it! As for lessons there will be 10 two hour lessons over 10 weeks. With the price at just under £13 per hour, again a big save.


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